Saving The Dark


Saving The Dark (2018)

documentary, 56 min. Director: Sriram Murali. Cast: Eva Knop, Scott Feierabend, John Barentine, Pete Strasser. Producer: Sriram Murali. Music composed by: Jorge Gonzalez Mendez

Saving The Dark is a Documentary Movie on Astronomy and Light Pollution. It is about the significance of Astronomy and the night skies, effects of Light Pollution on Astronomy, human health, wildlife and beyond, what we can do to fight it.

The movie will show what the people in cities are missing out on, the importance of Astronomy in our lives, the impact Astronomy can have on children, how Light Pollution costs a lot of money, affects our health, wildlife and our environment, show the work of nonprofits fighting to preserve dark night skies, tell what people can do at home to fight Light Pollution and talk to cities that have successfully handled this issue.

Light Pollution hides the Milky Way from third of the world's population. Millions of children will never see a sky full of stars. The night skies remind us of our place in the Universe. It gives us identity, makes us feel a connection. Think of all the great minds that gazed up at the night sky and were inspired by it. We've lost the potential for thousands of great minds.Billions of dollars are spent in wasteful lighting. About 15 million tons of CO2 are emitted each year in order to power residential outdoor lighting in the US. About 35% of light is wasted. Thousands of sea turtles and millions of birds are killed each year due to Light Pollution and affects so many other nocturnal species. It is also harmful to our health and well being. This movie is made in an effort to educate the public and policy makers on the effects and ways to combat it. I'm going to have this movie available to everyone to watch for free. I'm doing this out of my passion for Astronomy and the night skies and the drive to make people care more about it.


Film is presented in the frame of The Vianden deLIGHTed program, organized by Naturpark OUR and City of Vianden and will be followed by Q&A session.


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Ancien Cinéma Café-Club

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Saturday, 20 May 2023 - 19h00


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