Race schedule

The start of stage 3 of the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg will be given at 12.20pm in Mertert. The entire route covers 168.4 km before the finish at Vianden Castle.

The following table shows when the cyclists will arrive in Vianden. The table also gives different indications depending on the average speed. We have the great advantage of seeing the cyclists 4 times in the Rue du Vieux Marché and in the Grand Rue.

  46km/h 44km/h 42km/h 40km/h 38km/h
Vianden 1 15h07 15h14 15h22 15h30 15h39
Vianden 2 15h30 15h37 15h45 15h56 16h06
Vianden 3 15h52 16h01 16h10 16h21 16h33
Vianden 4 16h14 16h24 16h35 16h47 17h00
Arrivée 16h16 16h26 16h37 16h49 17h02

This table is always the indication for the first cyclist in the race. It can take up to 40 minutes towards the end of the race until everyone has passed.