Road and car park closures

Road and car park closures

For the duration of the cycle race, we would like to inform you that the following streets will be completely closed to traffic from 8am to 7pm:

  • Rue du Vieux Marché
  • Grand Rue
  • Rue du Ruisseau
  • Am Schank
  • Vieille Rue
  • Montée du Château

School transport is only provided in the morning on this day. After school at 12h00, 14h00 and at 16h00 there is no school bus on this day.

If you need your car that day, we advise you to park it before 8.00 am in the following alternative car parks:

  • Parking Larei
  • Parking Atelier Communal
  • Route de Diekirch

In addition, deliveries and work by companies will not be possible on the closed streets on that day.